HTML Document Module

View Mode

  • View mode is available to guest users or users with authorization.
Image: HTML document guest view

Edit Mode

  • In Edit Mode, authorized users are able to view the edit controls.
  • User can move the module to a different location.
  • User can edit contents. User can change security settings.
  • User can also manage publishing of the module.
Image: HTML document edit view

Content Editor Mode

  • JMDCMS supports popular FCKEditor for HTML content management.
  • In addition, JMDCMS has its own Filemanager and source editor control to support wide varieties of web hosts. If due to security conflicts with webhosts user is unable to use FCKEditor, the user can always use the Source editor option.
Image: HTML document editor view

Future Enhancements

  • Ability to export as PDF
  • Ability to print
  • Version Management
  • Ability to show partial contents preview to guest user and full contents to authorized user.
  • Ability to provide content rating
  • Ability to provide content reviews and disucssion thread.

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